Thursday, May 5, 2011


On an otherwise ordinary day, a day when for whatever reason the muse seemed to trickle rather than flow, I checked around the internet to see what might be new with my work.    Just when I felt like I was dragging along rather than soaring, I noticed that Night Owl Review had done their review of my current release, LOVE TATTOO.

Not only was the review good - they also chose it for a Top Pick!

Read it here:

That gave me the courage to check my Amazon sales ranking, something I tend to shy away from after the first day or so of obsession and I was very pleasantly surprised with the number!

So today I'm happy, doing that dance and fueled with more energy.   My muse just got fed and it's raring to go!

And I'm still admiring the cover art for LOVE SCARS

For this moment, life is good!

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