Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love Never Fails - June 15 - Rebel Ink Press

Old love sometimes fades away...

When a late night phone call from the former love of her life interrupts
both her sleep and her otherwise quiet existence, Caroline Cunningham
finds she can’t refuse Reid Ramsay's request for help. As the call pulls
Caroline back to her small hometown and into the heart of the search for
Reid’s missing brother, Caroline finds the feelings she thought she'd
buried where Reid was concerned are indeed alive and well.

And sometimes it refuses to die...

Reid Ramsay is still in love with Caroline Cunningham. As they work
together searching for Reid's brother, Reid and Caro finding themselves
attempting to rebuild the life they once shared together. But their
future remains uncertain. Before they can find the happiness they seek,
each must work through the emotional baggage of the past and test the
theory they desperately hope rings true.

Of the various novels and works of fiction I have written thus far, Love Never Fails is one of my favorites.  This contemporary love story is a second chance at love, the kind of chance that many of us often wish we might have had.

Set in the small town of Neosho, Missouri where I live and have lived for a long time, this story is about people who seem to spring from real life into the pages of my novel.

In a change from my first two -- and some of my upcoming works - there are no paranormal heros, just a working class, blue collar mechanic who has an amazing capacity for love.

Originally scheduled for release in September, I was delighted when my amazing publisher, Rebel Ink Press, offered to move up the release.   Since everything was finished - the beautiful cover art courtesy of Carl Franklin, the last edits, and all - there was no reason not to bring this novel forward to share with the reading public.

June 15 - three weeks from now - is the release date.   So mark it on your calendars, make a note, put a reminder on your Blackberry because Love Never Fails is coming soon!

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