Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Little Tease From The Upcoming LOVE SCARS

Love Tattoo is still gaining readership and selling copies even though the next book up that continues Will and Cara's unique story is coming from Evernight Publishing some time in June.   Although I haven't had edits yet, I thought I would present a little teaser from LOVE SCARS for those who are waiting, eager and excited, to see what happens next for my Irish born vampire and his Texas lady.

Unedited from LOVE SCARS:


            The moment that he shivered in my arms, shuddered as if the cold January winds outside the window rushed over him with blizzard force, I knew something must be wrong.   I could not put my finger on it, not then, but I realized from that first night that some slithering snake just trespassed into our little Eden.

            “Will?” I whispered in the comfortable cocoon we created beneath the covers. “What’s wrong?”

             Even before he spoke, my inner alarm bells shrieked like tornado sirens in a Texas spring. Although the shivers quit, I could feel the tension tighten his body, constrict it hard, and sense his anxiety. It threatened to spread to me like a wildfire and I tried to contain it.  His hesitation sliced through my complacent mood like a Buck knife and I realized that something shifted, somehow and somewhere.

            “Nothing,” he said as he drew me closer to him.  “It’s nothing at all, mo anam cara. It is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Or at least I hope that’s all that it is.”

            I didn’t believe it and I wasn’t about to let the issue drop.  Instead, I picked at it, like a dog working a bone to get the last scrap of flesh.

            “Do you feel a chill?”

             His sigh echoed between us like a gust of wind through winter bare branches.

            “I’m not cold.”

            “Then what is it?” I prodded.

            He paused so long that I got nervous, then said,

            “I don’t know.”

            Will doesn’t lie – at least not to me – but I could tell he was trying to downsize the magnitude of whatever the hell affected him.   That wouldn’t work for me and I opened my mouth to protest and he stopped me.

            His lips fused to mine with force and held there as he used the one thing that would shut me up to his advantage.  I kissed him back, tasting his sweetness like vintage wine and let my hands stray over his body, hungry and aching with need.   His taut body softened under my touch, relaxed as he put whatever troubled him away for now.  Will’s big hands traveled over my skin with such gentle skill that I quivered now.  He thumbed my nipple with one hand and brought his mouth down to suckle at the other like a baby.  Shock waves of delight washed over me as I let my fingers stray into his hair, caressing his curls.   Long before he kissed his way below my belly button, I needed him to release me and writhed beneath him, begging him to give me his cock.  

LOVE SCARS, coming soon from Evernight Publishing.

Love Tattoo now available at Evernight Publishing, (US,UK,DE), Barnes and Noble and more.

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