Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's All About The Story

As a child, I learned how powerful that a story could be. Long before I could read, I listened to my Granny who told many stories. She offered up romance, drama, terror, and history in her true tales. Whether she talked about her dad, born in Eckington in Derbyshire, and how he once sang for Queen Victoria during his service in the Royal Navy or how her Irish grandfather left Ireland during the great Famine, she painted everything in such real colors that I could envision it all.

My mother often read to me, traditional children’s fare from Mother Goose and fairy tales. Once I mastered reading for myself, I devoured everything from Heidi to the Nancy Drew books. I began reading some of my mother’s adult books when I was still in grade school, ones she selected with care for content. One of those early favorites was Victoria Holt’s classic, The Legend of The Seventh Virgin. After that first romance, I was smitten with the genre.

Now that I write all manner of romance, everything from contemporary to paranormal, I still love a good story. In my paranormals, I have to make the unreal come alive and seem plausible. That holds true for any paranormal read, of course, but I had to persuade not just the reader but also the heroine.

All I wish for my stories – long and short – is that they involve and entertain the reader, hold them captive for a while. I want my steamy scenes to resonate; my touching moments bring a few tears, and the amusing ones to evoke a laugh or two.

It is still about the story to me, whether it is one of mine or the work of another author

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