Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Now that Love Scars is coming out soon from Evernight Publishing, sometime in June, it seems like the perfect time to do a little advance promotion (which I did here on the blog yesterday) and also create a little momentum for Love Tattoo.

Having borrowed this idea from other writers, here's the deal:

If you read Love Tattoo and liked it, then just review it....anywhere you like,, Barnes And Nobles, Goodreads, wherever - and post a link to your review in the comments for Page In The Life (this blog).  Everyone who does will be in the running for the chance at a $20 gift card that be awarded somewhere around June 20 or so.....just in time to use part of it to buy Love Scars!

So, come on.....start putting those words together into a review, get it posted, leave the link here in comments, and you're entered.   Review more than one place, comment again, and you'll have a double shot at it...or triple....or whatever.

There's nothing to lose and a $20 gift certificate to gain so c'mon everybody, let's go!

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