Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When Inspiration Strikes

So often people ask me where I come up with ideas and it's not an easy answer.  It's not like there is an idea factory out there that I can visit and come away with something new.

Ideas just spring into my mind, sparked by all kinds of small things.   A late night highway where most of the other traffic consisted of big trucks gave me the idea for LOVE TATTOO.   My upcoming November release, A TIME TO LOVE, was inspired by a real mountain in southern Arkansas and traveling through there in a thunderstorm.  

As I'm doing edits for my September release LOVE NEVER FAILS from Rebel Ink Press (and anticipating more edits in the near future so I want and need to finish) I'm wondering what next.

I always have several "story starts", ideas for something new and things to work on in my non-existent spare time.  One of the story starts I've fiddled with recently is titled "The Carpenter's Rule".

But yesterday, thinking about a new story set in the urban old neighborhood of my birth I thought of something and when I pursued it, I found something that fit what I wanted to a "T".   It's different, not a common notion (or I don't believe that it is anyway) and I'm pumped.   Now I want to finish edits to make a start at this project.  

I tend to be a little superstitious about something new, afraid to jinx it so I won't give away just what the premise is but I will share the tentative title, "The Forest Dancer" and the hero's name, Jeton.   

I jotted down notes about the idea yesterday evening and now, in between edits, promotion, and everything else, I'm spinning this world in my mind.

I'm getting to know Jeton and the heroine, Janiya.

And it's fun.

So even though I'm busy and time doesn't stretch far enough, I'm loving it.

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