Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

I'll borrow the title of the classic song, "What A Difference A Day Makes" because yesterday when I sketched out the details of an average day in the life of this writer, I expected things to roll along as usual.

Yesterday turned to be more than a little different.

The first thing that happened that turned mundane Tuesday into an awesome day was that Evernight Publishers offered a contract for the follow-up story to LOVE TATTOO.  I accepted (of course) and I am delighted that Will and Cara's unique story will continue in LOVE SCARS.

Next, I got  my first round edits for my September release, LOVE NEVER FAILS, from Rebel Ink Press and I'm eager to jump in to get started with those.   My read through of the comments and editorial suggestions made me excited with how the finished result will turn out and the time table works perfect with my schedule.  Being on the same wavelength has been an ongoing thing with Rebel Ink.

As if that were not enough, just after supper last night I sat down to check email and had another offer, this one from Astraea Press for "The Marriage Cure", a historical romance with the title taken from an old Irish proverb that basically translates as "there is no cure for love but marriage.)

Thus yesterday was not quite an average day but I love the writing life.

You just never know what will happen but I'm enjoying the good news and rolling up my sleeves to get to work.

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