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Welcome To Guest Author Em Petrova!

Today I have the pleasure to welcome author Em Petrova to the blog to talk about her French Kiss Chronicles series from Breathless Press.  Like me, she started early by penning her first novel at the age of twelve!  Although she's known for her series and single titles, today the focus is on the novels of the French Kiss Chronicles.

 Without further ado, let's turn things over to Em!

Series or Sickness

By Em Petrova

When I recently wrapped up the third and final book of my French Kiss Chronicles series with Breathless Press, I felt a small loss at the realization I wouldn’t spend more time with these characters. Their emotional journey to finding happiness was a true investment for me. Letting them go is sad.
Authors aren’t the only ones who hate to see a series end. Readers find a book they love and they pant with want until the next book is released. We grow emotionally attached to the characters until they feel like lovers, good friends and family.
Often while writing, we dig into the world-building, crafting our heroes, heroines, villains and minor players into 3-D figures on the pages, and that’s how a series is born. Another story morphs from the first, and yet another, until a string of events unfolds in the lives of the characters.
But how do you know when to stop?

A handful of chocolate is good, but a whole box would get old, and probably give you a stomachache. Most of us have read books one through seven in a series, only to find we’re dreaming of killing off that beloved heroine in book eight. Suddenly she’s too stupid to live, or her choices are stale.
Writing a series and knowing when to stop is as important as hashing out good plots. No author wants to learn her reader is annoyed by her writing, maybe even skipping chapters or setting aside her book altogether because she couldn’t give her beloved creations up.

With my characters in The French Kiss Chronicles, I felt the closure they gained and knew their journeys were over. Even if I was offered a big advance to crank out a fourth book in the series, I couldn’t do it without wreaking havoc in the characters’ perfect lives. In knowing these heroes and heroines (the final book is a foursome. Yes, I’m still fanning myself) are happy gives me completion. I love them and will let them go into the hands—and hopefully the hearts—of readers, knowing I’ve given just enough. And though I might feel a little heart pang, I walk away knowing my readers won’t have a bellyache.
Author Bio:
Deux-Book One of The French Kiss Chronicles

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Deux Blurb: Jane is a wife and mother who’s stuck in a rut. Spending too much time at the gym perfecting her physique, she learns that what she really wants is someone new to share her body with.

After Margot’s divorce, she’s feeling frumpy and unloved. Until one day Jane corners her in the dressing room and makes it perfectly clear that she finds her ripe curves desirable.

Together, the couple shares the passion they thought long dead, and in doing so, discover they harbor a deeper need—to find love.

Trois Blurb: When Jane's husband Ethan discovers his wife has been dipping into the honey jar, he demands a taste of the decadent pleasure. But Jane's new lover Margot is newly divorced and shies from the idea of being with another man. Frustrated, but willing to be patient, Ethan is allowed to watch his wife experience mind-blowing pleasure, vowing that soon he will have Margot in his arms.

However, there is more to Margot's hesitation than entering a relationship with a married couple. Her ex is pressuring her—leaving her leery of men and afraid of dragging Jane and Ethan into it. While battling her attraction for Ethan, she shoots down Jane's request to make their relationship a true threesome.

Will Ethan help Margot overcome her fear of him and gain her trust, as well as put a stop to her ex's harassment?

Quatre Blurb: After months spent in the arms of the loving Jane and Ethan Miller, Margot feels she’s finally finding herself. She’s battled self-doubt and low self-esteem after her divorce and having both a man and woman’s attentions has given her completion. Or so she thinks.

When the dashing war hero Danny MacIntyre walks into her life, she’s thrown into a tailspin. While her heart slips into his hands, she knows part of it firmly remains with the Millers. As she devises a plan to unite them all, fear threatens to control her. Can she have two pieces of cake and eat her pie too?

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I would like to thank Em Petrova for stopping by my blog today and sharing her insights into writing a series.


  1. Hi, Em and Lee Ann! Happy Friday.

    I've read a couple of Em's books now, and each time she's been an absolute pleasure to read. Both of these books, along with her others and any future works, are going in my to-read list! I lover her style; hot but not crude, sensual but definitely not sweet :) The perfect balance for erotic romance...for me! And her character development for such short stories are truly a treat.
    I'm over the moon to have discovered another author I love to read -- when that happens, it's like Christmas :)

  2. Thanks, JoAnne!

    At the time I wrote this blog, I didn't yet know the release date for TROIS, which is May 13.

    Thanks to Lee Ann for having me!

  3. I've also ended a series, thought not an erotic one but I did it in a more drastic killing off the main character. My reasoning was simpler: the character grew up, grew old, and as might be expected in the time he lived in, went to war and didn't come back. This however, led to a second series involving the lives of his descendants, which will also run a specific number of books and then end. It was a difficult decision to make but, as you say, one has to know when to stop.

  4. Great blog Em, not looking forward to the time when I say goodbye to my series characters.

    Blurbs are amazing, BTW!

  5. Hi Em and Lee Ann,
    Great blog today, really enjoyed the blurbs too.

  6. As always, nicely said Em! Just outlined my two sequels to "The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome," so I'm at the start of this process.

    Can I see more happening? Maybe, but I definitely understand those series that go too long!

  7. Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and your comments are great. <3


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