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Welcoming Anna Keraleigh - author of the exciting new novel FAIRY FLAVOR

There is a certain mystique about the fairy world, a magic that most of us don’t want to leave behind with childhood. Since my own heritage includes a heavy dose of Celtic DNA, I have a certain fondness for faery folk, no matter if they called Tuatha de Danann (basic translation people of the goddess known as Danu), the little people, the Sidhe, or just fairies.

In her debut novel, new author Anna Keraleigh creates her own take on the fairy world and she does it very well. Her hidden fairy kingdom is a unique one and she weaves a story that draws the reader into it. We’ll learn more about Anna but first here is the blurb from the publisher’s (Evernight Publishing) website:

The fairies are going extinct. The trolls are trying to take the land for their own nefarious purposes and King Carrick, ruler of the fairy kingdom, has found a human mate. Now he just has to convince her to stay amidst the chaos.
Brook finds herself in love with a fairy, as if that isn’t strange enough, she’s kidnapped by the trolls and asked to be queen of this fantasy kingdom. Her heart screams approval but a man named Valen and some deadly trolls stand between them.
Interested? Intrigued? I am both and this book is on my personal TBR list. With a time shortage – not enough hours in the day – I will make time to read this one in the very near future.
So let’s chat with Anna Keraleigh:
Your novel “Fairy Flavor” recently debuted from Evernight Publishing. Can you share a little about the book?

Fairy flavor is the first in a series that centers around a hidden fairy kingdom. The king of this dying race searches the humans for a woman to bear his children but without love, there can be no future. He meets a feisty blonde that holds the key to their survival but will she hold the key to his heart?

How long have you been writing and what publication credits did you have before your first novel?

I’m a beginner at this. This is my first attempt at a real novel and I hope to share the rest of the fairy men and their mates with my fantastic readers. The support has been amazing and I’m so thrilled readers enjoy diving into my Fairy world.

Please tell us what you got coming up and what you may be working on in the future? Be sure to tell readers of the blog about Book 2 and the other books upcoming in the series?

I just finished book 2 in The Fairy Series – The Ravaged Fairy. This is Thame’s story. At the end of Fairy Flavor, he is in a heap of trouble. This solitary golden warrior is left for dead by the trolls. Can a clumsy dark haired Irish lass be the key to healing his ravaged heart? Hopefully, it’ll be out sometime this summer.

For a full list of what’s coming out next and a ‘meet the fairies’ page please visit my website.

If you could be a paranormal creature, which one would you be?

Without a doubt - vampire. I find them sexy and who doesn’t like the whole immortal thing? I’ll be a happy girl if the vamp males look anything like Eric Northman from True Blood.

Where can we find you on the ‘net? List publisher links, websites, Facebook, Twitter, places where the book is being sold.

Author website

Publisher website –

Facebook -

Now the important links – where can readers buy Fairy Flavor:

Purchase Fairy Flavor at:

Barnes and Noble -

Amazon -

Evernight Publishing -

Smashwords -

Anna Keraleigh's Website

What is your least favorite thing about writing?

Technology is bittersweet to me. Sure, it’s amazing I can reach people all over the world but that’s only when it works. For some reason I am forever hitting the wrong button and screwing something up. My last interview took over an hour to fill out and then polish. Then I saved it, closed it down and prepared to send it the next day. Well, that morning it magically disappeared. I searched high and low. Eventually I rewrote it. To this day, I have no idea where the freaking thing is.

Anything else you want to include!

Thanks so much for having me, Lee Ann. It was a pleasure sharing the fairy kingdom on your site.

Anna, you are very welcome. It’s been a privilege to host such a talented and created debut author.
And now….the best for last – a teaser from Fairy Flavor by Anna Keraleigh:

The thin straps felt cool on her shoulders, thin lines of material crossed

down her back until it reached her the top of her butt cheeks. Then it returned

to the classy gold dress flaring to her feet. The front was crisscrossed as well

and her mouth dropped open. Her breasts rested between diamond like shapes,

her nipples pink and exposed as she glanced down.

This was not as elegant as she originally thought. It kept the pattern

until her belly button where it returned to a normal dress and swished at her

feet. She shifted to the mirror and stared. Did she put it on wrong? Then again,

it was somewhat self-explanatory. Was she really supposed to wear this?

“You look wonderful…” Brielle’s voice drifted into the room from the

open balcony doors. She stood in the whitest, brightest dress she’d ever seen. It

flared and flowed so gracefully on her slim body.

Brook covered her nipples with her palms, feeling their hardness as she

faced the other woman. “I gotta tell you, I’m feeling a little…um…slutty.”

Yeah, she’d said it.

Brielle laughed and the sound was so charmingly feminine. There was

no answer to her dress dilemma or explanation as to all the exposed skin.

Brielle landed and opened the doors to the hall, while she grabbed Carrick’s

white jacket. Her fairy man actually had shirts, and jackets and clothes besides

that scrumptious loincloth? She had to remember to burn them all later. His ass

looked too good nude. His cock looked even better in the sun and moon light.

She placed the jacket so her most of her chest was covered. The valley and a

bit of cleavage remained visible.

Her bare feet traveled over smooth, cushiony grass until she came to

the torch lit path. Nerves began to rattle her reserve; she fidgeted with the ends

of the jacket, her toes digging into cool earth as they waited. What was the

hold up?

Carrick fluttered down, and she smiled, then it turned to a wicked grin.

He wore a gold loincloth that was all sorts of delicious. “What is going on?

Why do I have to wear this?”

He kissed her forehead. “Do you remember I told you about the


“Of course, big celebration, honey tasting, and we….” She was going

to say make babies but remained silent.

“Indeed, they will taste of your honey...”

Her honey? “Oh…Lord…” Brook squeezed her eyes shut. Apparently,

that had not been a metaphor.


  1. Great interview! Excited to read this and even more excited that it will be a series.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful interview Lee Ann.

    Thank you Liz, a series seems to be the best option. I want to really dive into each fairy's life. They're on the brink of war and there are many more twists in the making. I appreciate the support and you taking time from you busy day to comment!


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