Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Talking Shop In The Supermarket

Things happen for a reason.   There are no chance encounters.  So yesterday when I decided - during a brief period of sunshine and no rain - to run down to one of the local supermarkets to grab a few things to keep my kids fed, I didn't plan on anything but a quick trip.

I walked into the store and almost into a very good friend of mine, someone who has known me for most of my life and who shares a long history of affiliation with the written word.  Over the years, Diana has become an excellent editor, finding her forte in editing while I stuck with writing.

From our college years to the present, we've founded a writer's group, shared our hopes and dreams, and more, through marriage and divorce and more.

We've been planning to meet for coffee soon but our busy schedules have been in the way so I guess the Fates thought we should meet in the supermarket instead.

I don't know what the other shoppers may have thought about the two women who hugged and then chattered about writing, editing, books, and the publishing business in the produce department but then I really don't care.

We could have stood there and talked all day but we didn't.  After awhile we went on to do our shopping with the renewed promise that we'll meet soon for a real conversation over coffee or tea or breakfast.

But it's good to talk with someone who knows me well, who knows how very far I have come with my writing, and who never ceases to encourage.

So yesterday I had a chance to talk shop in the supermarket and I enjoyed it!

You just never know when and where you'll meet a friend or talk some shop!

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