Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six Sentences From Love Tattoo For Six Sentence Sunday

Once more, it's time to tempt and tantalize with six sentences from my paranormal romance, Love Tattoo:


Will Brennan spoke those words to me with the cadence of a

thespian on stage. His rich dark velvet voice resonated with the lilt of

Ireland but I didn’t think he put it on. I thought – and still do – that

when most moved, he reverted to his natural speech. It would not

have mattered had he said the words in a Tennessee twang, delivered

them in a Texas drawl, or spit them out with a Down East sound.

Those immortal words caught me, robbed my breath, and surged such

a love through my body that I thought it might submerge me forever.

It was not just the poetry of the words that affected me but the

meaning behind them.
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  1. These words "His rich dark velvet voice " had me daydreaming of the rest of his body- great 6- Dawne P

  2. Beautiful - can almost hear each one. :)

  3. Hmmm, yes, this reaches out lyrically and pulls me in. I want more.

    Happy Easter Lee Ann!

  4. How lovely! I definitely feel her emotion here. And, I'm with her! Any man swispering endearments in ANY accent can curl a woman's toes and melt her heart! FABULOUS Six!


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