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Sitting Down With Amanda Rose, Amazing Author of "The Vessel"

I write romance but I also read romance.  One of the things that I look for in choosing books for my TBR (to be read) stack is something different, something that hasn't been done so often that I feel I already know the story after the few first paragraphs.   I don't want predictable - I want to be entertained and amazed.   I also look for authors who can deliver these things.   One of the perks for me as a reader with the rising ebook explosion is that I am discovering some fantastic authors.    One of these authors is Amanda Rose, whose debut novel The Vessel from Evernight Publishing is gaining readers and praise in many places.

Today we are fortunate to have Amanda here on the blog to talk about her novel and her life as a writer.

Amanda, tell us about The Vessel, your paranormal release from November 2010. It earned some outstanding reviews and was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance of 2010 by The Romance Review. Give us an idea what the story is about:

Should I be super evil and say you must read to find out, or give you a tease by saying I wrote this male straight from my dreams? Whether it was a wet dream or a nightmare I’ll keep to myself.

All kidding aside, it’s a fairy tale of sorts with lots of twists and turns, magic, darkness, love, and did I mention magic? This world is truly amazing and I promise you will not feel that ‘I’ve read this before’ feeling most of us readers get when it comes to Romance books.

The Vessel is listed as the first of The Kingdom Series. What comes next? Is the sequel in the works?

Yes! I am about halfway through the second book in the series and let me just say this story has made me feel more emotions then I have felt in a long time. The characters positively came alive this time around and even though there is a new cast I promise they’re all just as loveable. If you think you learned anything about the Kingdom in the first book, just wait.

How long have you been writing and what publication credits did you have before your first novel debuted?
I have been writing since it was required in grade school to pass Language Arts. I have taken college classes on the subject and have even published short erotica stories for some websites.

Your author bio at Evernight Publishing says you work, you go to school full-time, you’re planning a wedding, reading romance, and of course writing. What do you do for down time and fun?

Down time? Whatever do you mean by down time? Yes, I do work, go to school, I recently got married and we’re expecting our first baby!!! As far as my hobbies, I just love spending my free time with my friends and family. Reading and writing are always up there on my to do list, however chillin’ on the couch watching a great movie with some awesome snacks is the perfect night for me.
Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

Oh boy, that is such a loaded question! I love too many, which is why I have about 100 or so books sitting in my girl cave waiting for my attentions. I try to read as many new authors as I do big time authors though. You never know when one day you’ll say “Hey I remember that Author writing this book.” I do love being the first to discover new talent.
Where can we find you on the ‘net? List publisher links, websites, Facebook, Twitter, places where the book is being sold.


Twitter: Amanda_rose11
What is your favorite thing about writing?

As corny as it may sound I just love painting out pictures with my words. I can remember writing the most emotional birthday cards to my mother when I was little and it was just never enough to say Happy Birthday, love ya! I had to go into detail. Writing about world’s that I’ve only dreamt about or would love to live in takes me to a place that nothing could ever compare to. It’s my drug, my addiction, and I hope I never lose this obsession that I have created.

And what is your least favorite?
My least favorite part is the doubt. Sometimes you can feel so strongly about your work and one wrong word from an agent or a publisher can have you spinning into a dizzying frenzy of self doubt. But, it’s all part of the process and if you can’t roll with the punches this is definitely not a field you should try to get into.

What do you plan or hope to accomplish in the next year? What about five years down the road?
Well with the baby due in August, I plan on staying home and writing my butt off as much as time permits. I’m hoping to get two books out before the baby is born and then work on the third and final book for the Kingdom series. I don’t see myself stopping with writing anytime soon and have ideas by the truckload coming in at all hours of the night.

Now we'll take a look at the cover of The Vessel, now available in both ebook format AND print on the Evernight Publishing site:

And now here is the blurb - guaranteed to intrigue reader interest and send readers to the publisher's site for their own copy of this novel:

Tortured and ruined for all women who cross his path, he still remains the most infamous seducer in a world filled with magic and creatures of myth. His one dream? To destroy the kingdom that took everything he ever cared for.

Abigail is everything a man could ask for. She’s sweet and charming, with a little bit of New York flair. She soon realizes her love for a gorgeous prince is the worst decision of her life, and she spirals to new levels of depression. After her kidnapping, it seems her fate is doomed, but she cannot fight the feelings that lurk beneath her conscience. This tortured man who stands before her, offers freedom like she has never felt with another. But will it be enough to erase her past?

Trauco’s love goes no further than the women from which he steals. That is, until he sets his heart on the wrong kind of target. Will he finally fall like the others and take on a vessel, or will his battle for vengeance continue?

I know that I am already anticipating the next book in the series and would like to also recommend this outstanding novel.

I want to thank Amanda Rose for joining us today and we'll end the blog with her final message to all of us -

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me! It’s really nice chatting with a fellow Author and I never get tired talking about something I have such a passion for.

Kiss Kiss Love Love

Amanda Rose

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  1. Great interview! I’ve read The Vessel and I have to agree that it truly is the most original story I’ve read in ages. I was honestly blown away! I can’t wait for the sequel, I bet it will be better than the original.


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