Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Page In The Life

After a lot of thinking and consideration, I gave the blog a more official name - A Page In The Life.

Every day is a new page in my life, the life of a full-time writer so I thought, what the hey and so here we are at A Page In The Life.

It's another black  morning outside but the sound of rain drumming on the roof is absent, thank God, although expected to return tomorrow.  There is no thunder rumbling and no lightning stitching across the sky.  

So maybe I can get back on track today, settle back into my routine after the Easter weekend, the rain, the storms, and the floods which are still ongoing but I live on a hill.

It's funny but one of my uncles once speculated that my maiden surname, Sontheimer, meant "robbers from the hills" or some such.  It actually means "one who makes their home by a ford in the river" and since my Deutsch ancestors hailed from a little town, Ehingen an der Donau (on the Danube, the mother river), it seems appropriate.

But most of us tend to settle for whatever reason atop hills.  Maybe it's so we can see what's coming our way or defend our postion.   No matter what the reason may be, we do.


Anyway welcome to the official launch of A Page In The Life: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy, romance that lives and breathes the power of love!

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  1. I like the new title and the new template. The template I am using is so overused but I haven't hit upon one that WOWs me.
    The meaning of your surname at least sounds nice "one that makes their home by a ford in the river" (not the robber one) My surname in Ireland means the "son of a drunk". If I would do some serious digging I could probably find some family members that might apply to.


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