Friday, April 22, 2011

Morning Has Broken And It Gets Earlier Every Day

It's morning although it is not yet daybreak.  It is dark outside and cloudy, not surprising after the heavy rains and rounds of thunder that arrived just before supper yesterday to linger for hours.  I think rain is in in the forecast again today and consistently through Easter so it will be a wet holiday weekend around here.

Although I've always been an early riser, in recent weeks as I have more on my to-do list, the hour at which I find myself rising gets earlier and earlier.

As a child, I had to get up early so that my working mom could deliver me to my grandparents house around the block each morning.   They were early to rise too and by the time we arrived - which I have no idea just what exact time that was - they had breakfasted.  My Granny kept my sausages warm on the stove for me to eat after arrival and in the first moments after arrival I spent laying on the couch while Pop read the newspaper.  Those quiet times, inhaling the rich and aromatic smoke of his Raleigh cigarettes represent security to me even after all these years.

After those years, I rose early to go to school so I never really knew a time when I could sleep until I wanted to wake.   It's been that way ever since, rising early for school, then college, then work, to care for my family and now to tend to my writing.

In college I soon learned if I didn't want to wait for a shower in the dorms, I'd better rise early and get there.  I also learned that the best selection of breakfast items was when they opened the cafeteria doors.  If I arrived then, they would cook my eggs to order and there would be bacon or sausage.  Wait too long and I had my choice of whatever donuts might remain, little else.

Six a.m. seems early but these days I am up by then most of the time.  On an average day, since my husband has to be at his job by 5:30 am each day, I'm up by five if not before.   Days when I know that I have something waiting, I'm often up before then.

Yesterday my daughter had to be at school to leave for state choir competition by 6:15 and wanted up at 4am.  I got up at 3am so today, when I rose around 5:30, it was "sleeping in" in comparison.

Even though today, Good Friday, means no school for the kids, no work for the husband, I'm hard at it and after more coffee I will settle into the day's routine.

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