Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

After the recent author faire on Saturday, I find myself musing about it and the weekend.

One of those that came who touched me in a very moving way was Mrs. Sneller.  Back in the day, in my own high school years, Mrs. Sneller was not just the mother of some of my classmates but also a substitute teacher.   Later, she and her husband - one of the coaches - were also dorm parents for the girls dorms at the first of the two colleges that I attended.

She came to the author faire so that she could tell me that when I was a high school student, she read some of my early scribblings and that she knew then I had promise, the potential for talent.   She read some of my college work too, in the campus newspaper and the literary magazine born during my time on campus.   She has followed my career and she was very happy to see me beginning to find some of the success I have sought.

I told her that I had often thought about her when I was subbing and that her laid back, casual style that connected with students had been an inspiration to me.   I also gave her a copy of the Chicken Soup For The Soul - Grandmothers volume that includes my essay.

I talked with so many other wonderful people making new connections and renewing old ones.  The local newspaper, the one that I write a column for each Wednesday, ran a nice spread about the faire that included some photos of me.  One of the biggest things, other than writing, that people commented on was my hair.  I wore it down for the author event and my hair is both long and abundant these days.  Most of the time I wear it up, out of the way, when I'm working but I thought as a romance author, I'd wear it down instead of like a spinster schoolmarm circa 1890.   Apparently, my hair is attractive because I gained many favorable comments and was urged to wear it down more often.  I think I will - compliments turn my head as much as anyone's - except when working.

After the faire, having skipped lunch to set up, my husband, son, and I went down the Boulevard to one of our favorite restaurants, the Green Forest Family Restaurant.   I planned all week to have one of my favorite meals there - the Grecian platter.   This delicious offering is served true Greek fashion - soup first, then a wonderful salad bursting with feta cheese, tomatoes, black olives, letltuce and more with cucuumber sauce, then gyros meat with more tomatoes and onions on pita bread.   We eat there often so we're regulars and by now we know most of the servers.   One had just come back to work after a three month hiatus and when I told her we'd missed her - true - because she is such a good waitress - also very true - she said she so needed to hear that.   Another of the waitresses, one that I share a lot in common with despite our different origins, came over to ask if I "made books" and I said I did.  We launched into a long and wonderful conversation that ended with me giving her another Chicken Soup book for her and her daughter.  Since she's Mexican born, she said she doesn't read English as well as Spanish but her daughter would enjoy it and she liked the gift.

I enjoyed the author faire and I think everyone else in attendance, authors and guests, did too.

Sunday morning we were up early for Palm Sunday and for once the weather cooperated so that the procession was held outside.   That also happened in my hometown - heard from a cousin - and we were blessed to have Father Gregory Gay, Superior General for both the Vicentians and Daughters of Charity, offer up Passion Sunday Mass for our small parish.

Now Monday morning rears up and it's time to get back to the real world of writing and promoting.  It's back to the edits for my September Rebel Ink release, writing on the new WIP, and taking care of some of this week's upcoming promo ops.

Onward, forward, and upward!

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