Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Measuring Out My Life In Coffee Spoons

To borrow a phrase from Missouri born poet TS Eliot, I measure out my life in coffee spoons.   I am, I suppose, addicted to coffee and caffeine in general because I like my tea just as much as I enjoy my morning coffee.  I also appreciate the sometimes deep poetry from TS Eliot including "The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock" which can be found here for anyone who wants to revisit it or be introduced for the first time.


Some of my few quiet moments these days come when I'm sitting in the comfortable space of a local family restaurant with a cup of their outstanding coffee, as strong and rich as I like it, in my hand.   Although it's known that I am a local writer and now an author, that is one place that I can just be Lee Ann for a short span of time.

I tend to forget, on occasion, while I'm rolling a shopping cart through one of the local grocery aisles, often in a hurry, or picking up a child at school or walking through the stacks at the local library that a certain number of the local folks know I write.  Some know me for my column in the local newspaper, others from other stories or articles they have seen.   A rising number know me for my books and I think the opinions are divided between "She's a real author" to "She's that eccentric woman who writes dirty books"

When I do remember, I make an effort to make sure my jeans aren't ragged or my T-shirt too worn or stained.

While engaged in promotion, promotion, promotion for my novels LOVE TATTOO and WOLFE'S LADY, I end up in the spotlight in the cyber world often.

Two of my latest appearances are here:


and here:

Later this week look for the launch party over at Author Island for LOVE TATTOO, a blog appearance on Ron Knight's 100th blog at UpAuthors,  me on Raine Delight's blog, a Pop Culture Diva post on fairy tales and why they are gaining popularity today, and more.   I'll have a guest on the blog on Friday, author Anna Keraleigh whose erotic fairy kingdom is the focus of her first novel FAIRY FLAVOR from Evernight Publishing and who plans an entire series.

Tomorrow, the focus here will be reading for the cure - your chance to help in the fight against cancer by reading.  Since I'm active in Relay For Life in my community, this is a cause near and dear to my heart so stay tuned.

Until then, happy reading, writing, and living.

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