Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marking A Milestone: 100 Posts!

Since I began this blog, not my first and probably not my last, to promote the release of my first novel, WOLFE'S LADY, I've been posting daily or making an effort to post each day.  Today marks the 100th post so I suppose this represents a milestone.

My life since I first started this blog has moved into warp speed but no complaints because busy is good.

To celebrate this milestone, I thought about doing something special but I had no idea what.   So I decided to  share some music - the incomparable, the classic Peggy Lee performing her hit FEVER because Cara Riley talks about this song in LOVE TATTOO:

Here is Peggy.....


And to be fair to Will Brennan, here's one of his favorites from his long ago Irish childhood with the amazing Mary O'Hara with her harp (I'll confess it's one of my favorites too)


Cara Riley hails from the little town of Rusk, Texas over in the Piney Woods and Johnny Horton called that area home, too.  His mama and daddy are buried at Rusk and he went to school over at Gallatin.....Cara is Will's one woman man so here's another of my favorite singers....


And here's another Texas gal that Cara likes too.  After all, she gives Will a piece of her heart on that very first night...


I love music almost as much as I love reading and writing.   Maybe it shows!

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