Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Down Time At The Green Forest

The words "green forest" summon upon relaxing images of a beautiful woodland scene, green trees shading the forest floor from the sun with dappled patches of sunlight.  If it's going to be fantasy, we might as well have a few blooming woodland flowers and abundant patches of morel mushrooms, a personal favorite.  So many of the old ballads mention "the green wood" and even the street where I live is called "Greenwood Boulevard" so there is already somewhat of a green forest theme going.   Before I moved to this small town suburbia, I did live in the woods as well.

But the Green Forest I'm talking about today is not a forest but a local restaurant serving up good coffee, excellent food, and more in a clean, pleasant relaxing atmosphere.   It's what I call a traditional or old school place, the very kind of restaurant - with my own personal history of family restaurants - have long dreamed about owning.  In fact, if I wasn't a writer, I could live a very happy life as a restaurant owner and operator, dreaming up daily specials and making the rounds with the coffee pot.

It's not exactly a secret but although we usually eat there at least once or twice a week, my husband and I have grown very fond of our Sunday morning escape to the Green Forest Family Restaurant.   After church, our children go to the Parish School of Religion, Sunday School, and we head off to enjoy coffee.   

I work hard at my writing (and now just as hard at promotion) all week long, from early morning to late evening.  My husband works hard too at the company where he's worked for more than half of his life so we need a break once in awhile, a bit of down time.    We need the occasional bit of couple time, too, something sadly lacking in our increasingly busy life as the parents of two teens and a little boy of ten years.

A writer friend (thank you to Larry who first suggested it) mentioned awhile back that I work very hard and that maybe we needed a break together, Roy and I.   So we did and loved it.

Now each Sunday morning while our kids are under someone else's (or in the case of the fifteen year olds, their own) watch, we slip off to the restaurant for a little peace and quiet, some great coffee, and good food.

Serge and Ula treat us like honored guests and they work as hard - probably most of the time even harder - as we do so they have my admiration and respect.

Take an hour and go to your own "green forest", whatever that may be, and enjoy the down time.  It helps to refuel energy for the tasks that lie ahead and is a pleasant space, an oasis in the span of days that are busy from get up to lie down.

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