Monday, April 4, 2011

Hear The Wind Blow, Love, Hear The Wind Blow

One of the old songs that my Granny sang me, rocking the chair in time to the music she made, was Down In The Valley.  Since the wind has whipped and blown with fierce power for the past few days I've been reminded of part of the refrain, "hear the wind blow, love, hear the wind blow" because I hear it, day and night.

Predicted severe weather and thunderstorms failed to materialize in my area and although judging by wet chairs out on the deck, it did rain but the wind has yet to lie still.

I'm of two minds about wind.   I like a fresh wind to blow away the debris and cobwebs of the mind but I also get weary of the ceaseless sound.  I've long said I would go crazy if I lived far out on the lone prairies where the wind blows almost non-stop but if the choice is the dead calm that precedes a storm, I'll choose wind any time.

I no longer have fear of major storms but I do have a healthy respect for them and I pay attention to the weather so if I need to take action, I am aware of it.   I live where tornadoes are not uncommon and I have experienced their mighty destruction first hand.  

When I was thirteen, my family had recently relocated to the southern tier of the state and we lived in what was intended to be a temporary home, a mobile home.   On April 24, 1975, what was then dubbed a "maxi-tornado" ripped through this small town, taking the entire trailer park and our home with it, along with a number of other homes and businesses.   Three deaths were due to that storm and many were injured, including my dad who stayed home, getting ready for work when the storm hit.  My mother, based on a premonition, took the kids down to the local laundromat which may sound crazy but it was far enough away from the path of the storm that we were fine.  

That experience changed me forever; I grew up a great deal in that one night and during the aftermath.  Picking through the rubble of your home is both sobering and maturing, to say the least.  

That day was very still, not a breath of wind and so I like to see wind moving in advance of a storm.  If it stops, comes to a complete halt, then I worry but as long as there is some breeze, I feel reasonably confident that we may have a storm but not a tornado.

It is much cooler this morning but the wind still blows outside, endless and eternal.

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