Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Writer Writes - Or Do They?

One of my favorite comedy movies is the now vintage  Throw Momma From A Train in which Billy Crystal's character, a writer and creative writing teacher, constantly preaches the mantra that "a writer writes".

I agree with that statement and most of the time, this writer writes but there are exceptions.

Since LOVE TATTOO came out last Friday, I've spent more time promoting and less writing.  I hope that shifts back to what is my norm today because I'm wanting to crawl back into my current WIP and just write.

Since yesterday was also my son's 10th birthday, it was a hectic day.  It's his last year at elementary school so I took him lunch.  He wanted pizza for supper so I picked up pizzas to bake from Papa Murphy's and he wanted a cake (of course).  I knew I would never have time to bake one yesterday so I picked one up for him.   My mother-in-law came over for supper and presents.  By the time she left, it was dark and time to do the evening routines.   His birthday celebration isn't over yet - this coming weekend, we have a meal out and another cake/present event with my mother.

In the meantime, however, I want to keep promoting but get back into writing.

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