Thursday, March 10, 2011

With Warp Speed

 A few years ago when I was writing away, working very hard with the hope of getting my novels published one day, a friend who made some success in the music business told me that when "it" - meaning success - happening, it would happen fast.  I believed him and he was right.

Last summer just a short time after my first novel was accepted for publication - KINFOLK which will be out with a target date of July 2011- by Champagne Books, my husband's wise uncle, Wayne Rigdon, told me that if I could sell one novel, I would sell others.  I told him I sure hoped so but inside, I wasn't sure.  He was also right.

When I returned to my hometown last fall to attend my aunt's funeral, I went heady with the knowledge that I had "finally" accomplished my dream, that I would have a novel out within the year.  Among my extended family members and assorted relatives, that was some tall cotton.   Among the usual murmurs that we really should get together on happier occasions, there were a few rumblings that we should have a party to celebrate my novel's release.

I hope we do that but we'll have multiple sales to celebrate now.

In about eight months, I have made the transition from being a writer who sat down everyday at the keyboard and wrote to being an author, with a busy schedule and a full slate.  I've written for years and over the last few I began to sell enough to claim bragging rights.   My short fiction appeared in a few pretty nice places, some with professional pay levels, and my stories are in nine fiction anthologies.  Some of my non-fiction appears in a few more.

Novels were always my dream, however, dating back to the time in the fifth grade when I settled in with my blue cardboard binder, some lined notebook paper and began my first effort.   When my twin daughters were small, I realized that if I ever wanted to write books that I should get started.  If not, I might never do it and could end up being a bitter old woman someday who felt she missed out on something important.

So I started writing novels and treating it as a serious endeavor.   KINFOLK was the second of those efforts.  The same friend who told me that things would happen fast also said it would sell and it did, but it took several years.   It took believing in that novel through rejection and an unsuccessful hunt for an agent.

My first short novel WOLFE'S LADY debuted in late December from Evernight Publishing.   My second novel, first in a series, LOVE TATTOO, will be out next Friday, March 18, also from Evernight.   In 2011, I also have KINFOLK coming out in July from Champagne, LOVE NEVER FAILS from Rebel Ink Press in September, and A TIME TO LOVE in November from Champagne.   In 2012, I'm already slated to see WITNESS PROTECTION, Rebel Ink Press debut and LONG LIVE THE KING, an Elvis themed novella will be out from Champagne in May 2012.

I may also have some other novels.

These days, my schedule is that of a novelist.  Today, I will begin with an in-depth read through of the final edits for KINFOLK.  It should be ready but it's my shot at checking one last time.   I will be doing advance promotion for LOVE TATTOO which has already attracted some attention.   Thanks to a good friend, a Kansas City NBC affiliate may do a story on the book and my career.  As time permits, I have started the first rough draft of LOVE KNOT, the next to follow LOVE TATTOO and LOVE SCARS.  I have some edits on LOVE SCARS.

I am busy and I love it.

But as my friend, one of the closest I ever hope to have in this life or any other, predicted when it happened, it happened fast.

I would even say it came with warp speed!

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