Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Sides To Every Story, A Dozen Versions Of Every Song

Bíonn dhá insint ar scéal agus dhá leagan déag ar amhrán is an old Irish proverb that says there at least two sides to every story and at least twelve versions of every song.  It is one of my favorites because, well, it's true.

Ask several people who witnessed the same event or had the same experience and you'll get as many different versions as people.   The key points may be the same for the majority but each individual saw things in a different way.

When it comes to writing, the concept of two sides to every story and a dozen or more versions of a song is our literal bread and butter.

When you write romance, you write love stories.  In short, someone lives, loves, longs for love, and gains that love.   That is the basic plot premise for any romance but as we who read and write such stories know, there are dozens upon dozens of ways to tell that tale.


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