Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tomorrow And Tomorrow Creep In This Petty Pace From Day To Day

From Macbeth I will borrow a few words for the blog title and theme today.   It's been a busy whirlwind with my second novel out on Friday (in addition to life otherwise which remains hectic).

This morning I overslept but I'm still tired.  With everything running behind, I'm catching up on little must-do writing tasks like my local column and I decided to go out to dinner instead of roasting the chicken I planned to cook.  I think I'll roast it later for a simple supper, chicken sandwiches or something.

Instead, we'll go out to my favorite local restaurant, Green Forest Family Restaurant.  It's an old-fashioned sit down place with daily specials, family owned and operated with great food.  I will even restrain myself from taking the laptop along so I can do more work!

My son marks his 10th birthday tomorrow so fueled by a few cups of coffee, I rushed out to buy a new bike for him earlier - should be a welcome surprise tomorrow!

This afternoon, I need to get back to work on the current WIP which has been more than a little neglected over the past two days.

I love birthdays and family celebrations but I have to admit I'm glad when they are over because ours tend to run in seasons.  Within about a three week span, my twin daughters, my husband and my son all have birthdays so it gets wild.

Off to get ready for dinner out........

Have a wonderful, happy spring day!  The weather here is nice for once!

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