Friday, March 11, 2011

Synchronicity Is A Good Thing!

Synchronicity is good.  To me, it demonstrates that things are flowing along just the way that they should.

Yesterday I finished and approved the final manuscript for my July release, KINFOLK, from Champagne Books so I shot off an e-mail to Rebel Ink Press to let them know I have the time open to begin edits for my September release, LOVE NEVER FAILS, with them.

Funny but the editor was just reading through it prior to getting it out to me.   That's a good sign because it tells me that I'm keeping things lined up in the cosmos and that everything is working.

Call it fate, karma, kismet, whatever, it's working and may it continue to flow!

Or as my three kids who are currently besotted with Star Wars would say, may the Force be with me!

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