Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Outlook For This Week (and month) is Busy!

If idle hands are the devil's workshop then I have nothing to worry about because my hands will be occupied for sometime to come.  I'm not complaining - I like being busy but this week offers up one of those reality checks for those who would join the ranks of writers.

I just finisheds up the final edits for my Evernight Publishing April release, LOVE TATTOO over the weekend and I'm well into the sequel LOVE SCARS.  I even had an idea while I was judging dramatic interpretation over the weekend for a third, LOVE TIES.

I also did up the cover art marketing and blurb sheets for my May 2012 release from Champagne Books, LONG LIVE THE KING yesterday.

And today I begin first edits for my July release from Champange, KINFOLK.

 It's a hectic week with family activites and events anyway, from choir practices to book fairs and the usual humdrum tasks like laundry for a family of five.

I also have jury duty on Thursday unless the trial gets cancelled for some reason.

So I have work waiting, some of it involving close attention to detail, and I love it.

Off to work.......

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