Monday, March 14, 2011

If There Were World Enough And Time.....

The rest of the quote from Robert Herrick really doesn't apply but this is the kind of day in which I wish that I had both world enough and time.

The shift back to daylight savings time over the weekend has my inner sense of time discombobulated and nothing seems to be happening on the right schedule.   I didn't want to go to bed last night - and I tend to be a night owl - but I really, really didn't want to get up this morning.   But since I have three kids who have to be off and away to school, I rose but I did not shine.

We've had a bit of spring like weather which was nice but right now it is cold and I'm watching the snow flurries fly out back.   The forecast calls for better things later in the week and I hope this is really winter's last gasp.  In Missouri, we are notorious for swift weather changes and March is known to play host to the occasional monster, several feet deep snowfall on occasion.   I hope that won't happen this year.

My week ahead will be both disjointed and busy.   On the good, dancing with delight side, LOVE TATTOO will be out Friday from Evernight Publishing and my husband's birthday is tomorrow.  Of course, he's taking the day off, not so much to celebrate his big day but because he waited until the last moment to renew his driver's license.   On the day before the last day he can renew, he learned he needs his birth certificate to do so which now makes it a mad scramble.

My kids get their shortened spring break at the end of the week with a half day of classes Thursday and no school on Friday.  My youngest turns ten on Monday next so it's a wild ride ahead.

Meanwhile, I'm deep at work writing (as always)!


  1. Love Tattoo is almost out? Wow, that was very fast. I love the speed at which Evernight works.

  2. It's out Friday. They asked me a couple weeks ago if I wanted to move it up from the original April release so I said sure!!


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