Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From Will Brennan.....

Most of my new release, LOVE TATTOO, is told by the pretty and perky heroine, Cara Riley but sometimes we get a bit from Will.  
This is one of those bits, just for balance......and if you want to buy the book, it's available at, on the Evernight Publishing site, and many more.


Will slept alone in his own space, a personal rule he never broke. On the road, he bunked in the sleeper cab of his rig. At home, he shared his bedroom with no one and few ever even entered his house, tucked away on the edge of Memphis, so remote that most people did not even realize it was there.

HeWill could not recall the last time that he shared a bed with anyone or anything but Cara caused him to do the things he vowed never to do again. He could have made it home if he rushed but he accepted her invitation to stay. He hoped he would not regret staying. but he did not think that he would.

Cara flooded his senses and he wanted her. More than desire consumed him and although he would rather not admit it, even to himself, he needed her. Even that first night, in a hurry for something quick, something temporary, she drew him as if he was a moth and she the flame.

Even her name, so close to the Irish endearment that he used, pleased him. It evoked a softness in him that opened the locked rooms of his heart but to her alone. And her voice, her songs uplifted him to heights he thought he might never reach again. A true Irishman, he loved music but hers reigned above any other to him now.

She caused him to take risks. That incident with the curtain should not have happened and the damage could have been much greater. When he thought of that moment of searing pain, he rubbed his arm where the red mark had long since vanished, healed but he thought he could feel the spot.

Tonight marked the third night spent in her company if he included that first encounter. Last night marked the first time he ever walked Beale Street with anyone. He normally went solo to the casinos too but he could not bear to leave her. Because he stood out in a crowd, people noticed him, and they would note his companion, too.

He didn't mind that but he wanted to keep her all for himself.


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