Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Is Just A Day Away

As Thursday dawns - actually it is still dark outside - I am glad that Friday is just a day away.   Although since I work at home at my own self-set grueling pace, Friday still resonates with a little sparkle.   Since my husband doesn't have to work tomorrow for the first Friday in several months, I anticipate a little play time being working into my schedule and I like that.

And whatever we do on Friday, I'm planning to have dinner out at the Green Forest Family Restaurant.  It is a good thing that it's a favorite for me because otherwise my feelings might be cut to the quick.  One of my daughters told me on Monday night that although she likes what I cook most of the time, she likes the good at Green Forest better.  Last night, my other daughter texted me on her way home from high school to ask if we couldn't have supper there but since I already had pork chops with dressing in the oven, it was impossible.  Even my son prefers Green Forest to McDonald's, quite a statement for an American kid since most are brainwashed since birth that eating under the Golden Arches is the supreme dining experience.

Tomorrow here on the blog we'll welcome another author, Shannan Albright.  Her new release, Dark Passion Rising from Evernight Publishing is now out and we will learn much more about both novel and author.

Today, my sassy little Texas gal singer Cara Riley is interviewed over at Sex Marks The G-Spot.  She and Robert seem to get along very all about it here:

In the meantime, remember Friday is just a day away and happy writing or whatever pursuits you seek!

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