Monday, March 28, 2011

лее анн сонтхеимер мурпхы

Unless you can read Cryllic - which I can't - the title of today's blog is my name, in the Cryllic alphabet used in Russia.

The reason that it's there is because in playing with my stats yesterday I noticed that I've had a lot of visitors to the blog from the wider world out there, from countries that include Russia.

There are many others - everything from China to Australia, South Africa to the UK but the two leaders, following behind the United States which provides the majority of my visitors were Russia and Hungary.

I'm not sure quite why but I'm flattered and when I did some more playing around, I found that one of the ways people connect to my blog was through a Russian search engine.   When I clicked the link, lo and behold, my name was there and some details in English, some in Cryllic.   I can't read Cryllic although I love the look of it.

Apparently, however, my audience is growing!  And maybe it is a small world after all.

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