Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Week, Another Round of Edits

I received my second edits for my upcoming romantic suspense novel, KINFOLK, from my editor at Champagne Books over the weekend and so the priority this week will be making the changes.

There are not that many and each one I can see helps strengthen the story.

I don't know if all writers feel this way about edits but I'm excited to see how the editorial suggestions and changes enhance what I have written.

It is also gratifying when your editor likes the changes made the first time around!

In addition to the edits, I'll also be continuing with my work in progress, LOVE SCARS, and preparing for the upcoming release - eleven days away and counting for LOVE TATTOO from Evernight Publishing.

Evernight, by the way, is offering an amazing 25% off all ebooks this week during READ AN EBOOK WEEK.  Just visit the site and use the code to save.  It's a great chance to buy Wolfe's Lady at a discount or to pick up some of the other outstanding titles.  I could make a list but I've loved every book I've bought so it would be a long one!

After working most of Saturday I treated myself to a less work extensive Sunday and let my husband take me out after church for some "we" time.  Thanks to my friend and fellow writer Larry Binion for his advice that since I've been working so hard we needed a little couple time.   It was wonderful and I enjoyed it.

It helped recharge my personal batteries for the coming week, another busy one in life as well as in writing!

And so the day - and the week - begins!!

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