Saturday, February 12, 2011

What A Difference The Sun Makes!

After almost two full weeks of being snowed in, surviving the short necessary trips over treacherous roads, and suffering from a classic case of cabin fever, the sun is out and some of the white stuff is melting!  Our main roads and highways have been clear for several days but my street has been a disaster zone but with the warm-up and the sunshine, it's clearing.

It is amazing what a balm to my tired spirits that the sunshine makes and the warm temperatues that feel like an early spring compared to the Arctic freeze we endured.

My mood is up thanks to the sun and I realized that it isn't so very different than when we get bogged down in our writing.

Sometimes I know I hit a rough spot, a plot quandry or time issues or any other stumbling block and it halts me.   My writing slows to a desperate crawl and sometimes halts.    Then something breaks forth, a light shines from my muse, and everything frozen beings to melt and I am back in business.

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