Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Walk A Mile In My Moccasins

There is an old Native American saying that says "walk a mile in my moccasins and you will know my journey."  One of my uncles liked that so much that he had it carved onto his headstone.   Among my multi-cultural heritage, tucked in among the Irish and the English, the Welsh and the German, is some Cherokee too.

In my day to day encounters at exciting places like the supermarket, school events, and such I meet a lot of people who know me because I write.  Many of them wonder about my life, what I do, and what the order of my days may be like.

Even those who know me by sight, recognize me because my photograph runs with my local newspaper column, often think that somehow, even though I may be pushing a shopping cart down the aisle at the grocery store that I also lead a glamorous double life.

Most of the time that isn't the case.

So come walk a mile in my moccasins and share my journey.

Last Friday I finished and sent back edits for LOVE TATTOO, my upcoming release from Evernight Publishing.

Saturday morning, I was up early so that I could address some much-needed cleaning tasks.  I learned some time ago that if I did the cleaning first, I had less time - occasionally no time - to write and so I made writing a priority.  I rationalized that when I did leave the house to work, I let things wait.  Once I began doing that with writing, my acceptance rate and publication records began to climb.   

My system works but it often leaves some things to catch up so Saturday morning, I played catch up with the dust and clutter.   Other weekend events included things like shopping for blue jeans and sundry other things for my kids, especially my teenage daughters which meant "THE MALL".  I also had to replenish the food supplies.

Over the weekend, in addition to finally getting a handle on how to proceed with my current WIP (work in progress), a follow-up to LOVE TATTOO that I'm calling LOVE SCARS and working on it, I had the back cover blurbs to edit and approve for my upcoming Rebel Ink Press releases.  Although the first isn't due out until mid-September and the second until early 2012, it never hurts to move ahead.   In that same spirit, I finished up my bio and dedications for Rebel Ink on the two releases as well.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to receive the first round edits for KINFOLK, my July release from Champagne Books.   A sudden complication occured with that publisher when my editor - who I had not yet heard from - resigned.   In the subsequent flurry of activity, my publisher learned that I had never received the first editor's suggestions and assigned me a new one in short order.

On Sunday, I wrote and turned in my weekly column for The Neosho Daily News and then worked on LOVE SCARS.  That's in addition to the normal Sunday routines like church, dinner, a family ride, and such.

Monday morning dawned with my usual stab at updating this blog.   I do a great deal of promotion these days for both Wolfe's Lady and Love Tattoo.   Before long, I'll be adding promotion for the other upcoming novels to my daily schedule as well.

Meanwhile, my widowed mother who lives up the street from me had some plumbing issues and despite the President's Day holiday, my three kids had to head off to school.

She also saw a program in which they talked about how fast ebook sales are increasing and became very excited - although I've told her the same thing many times.

She also decided that I am "making a lot of money" which hasn't quite happened yet.   I won't get royalties for my novel until April and I don't even attempt to guess what the sum may be.  I do know that as I add my books out into the market, whatever I make will increase but although I do make some money writing, I'm not a rich woman yet by any means.

Today I have some things to finish up for some upcoming guest blog and blog appearances, make sure everything I have coming soon is on my calendar, and write, write, write.

With two teens and a fourth grader, I never know when their activities will change or when they may need a driver.   Yesterday after school, one of my daughters texted me that she was staying after school for drama.   No problem but it wasn't planned and required a trip to pick her up which put supper back a bit.

I judge at the annual Neosho Speech and Debate tournament this weekend.   Next week, I got a jury notice and unless the trial gets cancelled - which happened to me a few months ago - I'm off to do some public service.

It's a busy life and the glamour is mostly non-existent but it works for me.

My moccasins are often pretty worn and the feet within tired by the end of the day.

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  1. Great post, girl! So many people don’t realize just how much work is put into writing and promoting a book. Since at the moment I’m unemployed, people always ask me if I’m dying of boredom from being home all the time. Yeah, right! I barely have time to clean my house since I’m so busy writing, editing, promoting, ect . . .

    If you need to promote your book by guest blogging, you could come to my blog.


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