Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So You Know You're A Writer When........

Around the internet there are numerous sites where writers and would-be writers gather to exchange information.  Some of these online communities are large and others are quite small.   One thing I notice, however, is how easy it can be to spot a "newbie", someone who is just beginning to write or maybe even just thinking about it.

I suppose it is the same in any occupation but their newness, their green state almost hurts to watch because I know what they have to learn but most of the time, no one can tell them anything because they know more than I do.

One of the things that I've been pondering lately - since I made the leap from writer to novelist - is that newbies tend to think that once you type "the end" on the last page of a manuscript that they are finished.  Their magnus opus is complete and the very idea of change appalls them.  Why mess with perfection?

The simple and short answer is that no one writes perfection.

In fact, the more seasoned the writer, the more concerned we become that we may be writing crap this time.   Thus we take more time to edit before we ever consider submission.   If and when that work is accepted, we are eager to get our editor's input and then we see how their suggestions, their changes enhance the work.

I just got my first round edits for my upcoming novel LOVE TATTOO yesterday and I am raring to get into the manuscript.   I am uplifted by the positive comments and eager to make changes that better the book.

I have learned that when you write a novel, you need to love it because you will spend a lot of time with it once the original first draft is finished.   Not only do I know this, I embrace it and want to do it.

That may be one of the moments when we as writers can step back and say - you know you are writer when.....

Cheers, all!


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