Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sharing The Words With The World

When I first went to work in radio a few years back, the hurdle I had to get over was the idea that a large number of people were listening to my voice.  They might be driving down the highway, tinkering in the garage, settling down in the living room, cooking supper, or relaxing on the front porch.   If I thought about that, it boggled my mind and tied my tongue into knots so I learned not to think about it.

Writing is just a bit different.   When people sit down with their e-reader and read one of my novels (beginning with the now-out Wolfe's Lady and continuing as each new one is available), it's not immediate.  I am not live and in their presence although my words are.

Whether it's one of my novels, a short story published online or in a traditional print magazine, the column I write each Wednesday for the local small town newspaper, an article, this blog, or even just my Facebook status, I am not shy about sharing my words with others.  I actually want to write for their eyes and let my words somehow touch them.

When I worked in radio, our coverage area was limited to the range of our transmitter but the written word in this cyber age is unlimited.   Readers can tap into what I have written anywhere in the world and they do.

When I gain feedback from fans, friends, or family who ilve far distant, it affects me the way that applause delights an actor.   It has been years since I graced a stage or played a role but I remember well that heady feeling of a job well done when the audience applauds.

My words are out there and I am not bashful.  Let them entertain, let them sing, let them soar!

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