Sunday, February 20, 2011

Of Malls And Men, Books And Borders

I am not a mall person although I do go to the mall at times to shop.  My usual modus operandus, however, is to target the store I wish to visit, use the nearest entrance, go straight to the item, get it and get out.   That works well for me but since I have two teenage daughters, the plan sometimes fails.

One daughter adores shopping more than the other.   I just wish that she could have gone on a shoparama with my maternal grandmother.  That woman, my dear Grandma, could and did shop till she dropped.  As a child, when I was treated to a day out with Grandma, she shopped until my young legs quivered.   She and my daughter must be kindred souls.

Malls are on my mind since I spent a portion of Saturday at the nearest mall.   As I trailed in the wake of teenagers, picking up a few things along the way for myself, I decided that our modern malls are about the most artificial experience in our culture.   Weather doesn't affect that pseudo retail world in the least.   As I strolled through the mall, I noticed the number of mannequins posed in clothes impossible for most of us to ever wear doing things that few of us will ever do.  

Since the mall we visited has less bookstores than it once did, I also thought about the recent announcement that a number of Borders bookstores are closing.   Since I live in a small town, we don't have a Borders and neither does our larger neighbor, Joplin.   But since I love books and reading, I have often visited the Borders nearest me - one in Springfield, Missouri and another in Rogers, Arkansas.

In  sad twist of fate, both are scheduled to close.

The news of  Borders bankruptcy and closing have rocked the writing world but I am not as upset as many writers that I know.   Maybe that is because I have already embraced and write for the ebook market but while I hate to see the stores closed, I also see it as an indication that the ebook revolution is here to stay.

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  1. Good post.

    I hate to see any bookstore close, but from I have been reading it seems to have come down to bad business sense for Border.

    Shopping, I hate it personally and I cannot stand mall shopping.
    I tend to go for the bigger stand-alone stores and even then, unless I'm terribly bored, I get what I need and am out.


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