Sunday, February 6, 2011

Location, Location, Location - OR - Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Almost everyone had heard the real estate maven's mantra of location, location, location.

Writers, however, must focus on promotion, promotion, promotion.

Anyone who has seen their novel find publication, whether it's bound pages in a traditional book or in the up and coming ebook form knows that being an author doesn't stop when you write "THE END".

At that point, the work is just beginning.

Marketing is a huge area for writers.   Few writers just toss off a manuscript, shop it off to a publisher, and get that always welcome acceptance.    Instead, we research publishers, the current market, and slave over our intial query letters.    Before we even get to this stage, however, we edit and often rewrite our work to make it the best possible to present.

When that acceptance comes, it's another new start.   There is a contract to sign, blurb and cover art sheets to complete, and eventually the edits.  All this happens before the book hits the markets and goes into the hands of readers.

Once that does happen, however, (and even before if you are truly savvy), promotion begins.   If you want your novel to sell, then you will promote it every way possible, everywhere that you can.

News releases, blog posts, an author website,  guest blogging, and asking for reviews is just the beginning.

With that idea, promotion in mind, here's the teaser for my next to be released novel LOVE TATTOO, upcoming in April from Evernight Publishing.

One unexpected late night encounter, one titillating kiss detours Cara Riley from reaching Nashville for a last shot at a singing career and lands her in Memphis. Dark, mysterious truck driver Will Brennan oozes sexuality and Cara finds herself drawn to him. Will quotes Shakespeare and dresses in black. He brings her to a higher level of sensual pleasure than she even imagined could be possible. As their relationship explodes into something real, she learns he has more than a few quirks. He sleeps by day and prowls by night. Their excursions to Beale Street, the Tunica casinos, and downtown Memphis become legendary but her curiosity grows. At his home – a castle – nestled in a wooded area just outside Memphis, she learns just what his sweet love tattoos really mean and must decide if she wants another. Whether or not they find their happy ending is all up to Cara.

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