Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Chicken Soup

The notion that chicken soup soothes us is almost universal.   Whether we suffer from a cold or flu or just feel weary with the often difficult moments of life, a bowl of chicken soup nourishes and restores us.

That premise led to the creation of a very popular line of books, Chicken Soup For The Soul.

With statistics noted in the submission guidelines - they estimate that only 5% of submissions will ever find their way into one of the books - it is a hard market to crack for writers.   Each submission also goes through a process and most are eliminated along the way.

Over the years, I've subbed more than a few pieces to one or another Chicken Soup For The Soul anthology.   Although fiction has become my expression, I have a knack or so I have been told for turning out essays that touch.    I have written a regular newspaper column somewhere for years.  My current column runs in The Neosho Daily News each Wednesday but prior to that, I wrote columns for The Joplin Globe, The Neosho Post, and earlier still for
The Newton County News.

I receive a lot of feedback from readers who enjoy my ramblings.  One of the Joplin Globe editors once told me that I had the ability to take my personal experiences and share them in such a way that others could relate.

I imagine that quality is what helped me put my byline into the upcoming Chicken Soup For The Soul: Grandmothers volume.   Although the book won't be available to the public, I received a large box from the local UPS driver yesterday afternoon.

Anything addressed to me from Simon and Schuster is certain to pique my interest and so I opened the box, unaware of what it might contain.   I knew I made it to the final round but when I revealed my contributor's copy, that was my first confirmation that I also made the book.

Two of those copies will go to my mother and my mother-in-law.  I wish that either my husband or I had a living grandmother to delight in the book.   My Granny, who is the focal point of my story, would be proud.   If you read the story, then you will understand why.

I am saving some of the copies for an upcoming "Meet The Author" event sponosred by our local Friends of the Library but I will also give a few away to some special people.

In fact, the first copy went out the door this morning in my husband's custody to give to his boss, Donna Hood.   Donna is a remarkable and strong woman, a cancer survivor, and she is also now a grandmother so I couldn't think of a better person to give the first copy.

Although not offiicially out until late March, it can be pre-ordered on the Amazon page here:

I am delighted to add this credit to my byline.  It is, to use an old Southern expression, tall cotton for any writer!

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