Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introducing Author-In-Training, Angelina Rain!!

I would like to welcome Angelina Rain today.

As a reader and as a writer, I look for writers to add to my list of favorites. When I find one, I tend to devour their books like candy and then wait for their next work to appear. Today’s guest – the very first for my blog – is a debut writer but her work already has me wanting more.

I would like to welcome Angelina Rain today. Her first published fiction just appeared in the new anthology from Evernight Publishing, Indecent Encounters. She wrote using a new, different premise and the result is fiction that will hold you spell bound. Her story, The Problem With Love Spells, promises we will see more from this talented young writer!
This ménage anthology opened with strong sales and excellent reviews. Please note that she is giving away a free copy of Indecent Encounters to one lucky commenter today so be sure to hang around and leave your thoughts on the blog!

Her debut novel, Intimate Healing, is coming soon from Sapphire Blue Publishing and she is working on more projects for the future. Although talented, Angelina Rain is humble and down to earth. She prefers to call herself “an author in training” and you’ll see why when you read her responses to my interview.
Now, on to getting to know more about author-in-training, Angelina Rain!

1. The new ménage anthology, Indecent Encounters, just came out a few days ago from Evernight Publishing and includes your story, The Problem With Love Spells. Since we are doing this interview prior to publication, I haven’t got to read your story yet but the blurb sounds fascinating.
So, where did you get your inspiration for Gretchen and the two creatures she finds in her bed?

Over the last few years, I’ve seen so many paranormal erotica novels with a mortal woman and a vampire or a werewolf. I thought why not have her sleep with both. And then I started thinking about the lack of witches in books. It was the perfect cast of characters for me to write my story about.

2. I understand that the story is your first published fiction. How long have you been submitting before you got that first acceptance?
About twelve hours. I send out my first submission (for a different manuscript) late at night, and I had a contract offer in my email for it sometime the next morning. That novel isn’t published yet, but will hopefully be out by this fall. I sent out “The Problem With Love Spells” a few weeks later and received a contract offer about a day later.

3. By reading your blog, I understand that you are “an author in training.” I love that phrase! I also noticed you have a contract on another work, a contemporary romance novel, Intimate Healing. Congratulations! At what point will you feel like an author, instead of an author in training?

I will be a true author when I know the business in and out. At the moment, I have one short story published. I still don’t know how that happened. I’m far from being a pro at the author thing.

4. If you would like, could you share a few details about your upcoming novel? When and where we can find your novel?
Intimate Healing is a contemporary romance which is under contract with Sapphire Blue Publishing. It’s about a woman who is handed a second chance with her high school sweetheart, but secrets, lies, and betrayal lurk in the shadows waiting to destroy any chance of happiness for her.

5. You have a short story in an anthology from a great publisher, a novel under contract, so what comes next for Angelina Rain?

I just finished writing another short erotica and I’m in the middle of a paranormal erotica. Besides that, I have ideas for paranormal, erotic, contemporary, suspense, and comical romances. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future.

6. Like most writers, you are a reader. What is your current read and name your favorite author or authors (up to three)?

I just finished reading “The Hating Game” by Talli Roland. She’s a great e-published author. I’m a very avid reader and I read everything. My favorite authors include James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Janet Evanovich, and a whole lot more.

7. Tell me something off beat and interesting about you that you don’t mind sharing with your readers.

I’m a horrible driver. Although I’ve never been pulled over (knocking on wood), my family fears for me when I’m on the road.

8. What is your favorite romance genre to write?

I like writing all of it. Every genre of romance has a different element that I’m drawn to. I love the drama of contemporary romance, I love the mystique of paranormal, I love the steamy sensuality and the kinky dirtiness of erotica, and I love the fast paced thrill of suspense.

9. I noticed that you said you are the kiss of death to television series – if you like the show, cancellation looms in the future for it. The same thing often happens to me so I am almost afraid to like anything new. What do you like to watch that is still on air?

I learned that if I don’t watch the show but buy the season on DVD instead, it stays on the air longer. I enjoy satirical politically incorrect comedy cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad. I also love serious shows like House (love House), I love Modern Family, and occasionally, I watch Pretty Little Liars online.

10. Do you have a career in addition to writing and if so, what is it? Do you have a writing routine that you keep? Do you have self-set goals for words to write in a given day or time period?
Unfortunately, I was fired from my day job not too long ago. It’s a long story but basically, I was set up by one manager who’s been trying to make me quit for almost a whole year. Actually, I was fired the same day I signed the Indecent Encounters contract.
I’m also giving away one free copy of Indecent Encounters to any one commenter. I will pick the winner on the 17th.

Thanks to the talented Angelina Rain for sharing here today.

Don't forget to comment for your chance at a copy of Indecent Encounters that includes Angelina's story The Problem With Love Spells and much more!


  1. Great interview Angelina! And I too, tend to be the Kiss of Death for televisions shows. My all time favorite was the Bruce Campbell classic "The Misadventures of Brisco County Junior." A year later...BOOM, down the potty!

    Can't wait to read the antho! Bets of luck to you!

  2. Lee Ann, thank you so much for hosting me during my little blog tour.

    A.D Blackburn, thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who kills TV shows.

  3. Hi Angelina,

    Great reading about your short journey to publication!

  4. Great interview Lee Ann! I love how we learn a little more about you each time, Angelina. Your family fears for you - will they ride in the car when you drive??

  5. Jennie Bailey, thank you. I don't drive when with my family. They drive!


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