Monday, February 7, 2011

I Beg Your Pardon - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

I love being a writer.  I enjoy being an author.  But what I find beginning and aspiriring writers around the web think is that it's all rose garden.   My eyes were opened to the realities of writing long ago and like my dad always told me, there is no perfect job.

Writing for me, however, comes damn close.

That said, if I could offer up wise words for up and coming writers it would be this - although I would not choose to do anything else, writing has long hours, requires an amazing amount of self-discipline, may take years to bring home serious bacon, and can at times be frustrating.

So if writing is a rose garden, those would be some of the little thorns that prick your finger but overall, the momentary pain doesn't take away from the beauty of the rose.

Now the roses of writing......those I like.   Reviews are nerve wracking because you never know what someone else will see in your novel.   I feel fortunate because so far, my reviews have been overall good.   A few found things they would have liked to have seen done a bit differently but most have made me feel a little dumbstruck with pride and dizzy with delight.

As you may note from the new banner, Coffee Time Romance reviewed Wolfe's Lady giving it a four cup review.   That, as folks say in my Southern heritage, is some tall cotton.   Five cup awards with them are so rare that you just almost never see one.  

Here's a link to the review with thanks to Maura and all the staff at Coffee Time Romance...

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