Friday, February 25, 2011

Editors Enhance

I have never understood quite why some writers fear the editing process or the editoral pen.   I just got the final edits for my upcoming novel, Love Tattoo, coming soon from Evernight Publishing and what is asked is very simple.   It felt very gratifying to read my editor's praise for the changes made in the first round and the approval for an added portion at the end.   What changes need to be will enhance the story, make it stronger and better.

What could be wrong with that?


I have the privelege  of working with some outstanding editors and I can say this without any guile - a good editor takes your work and shows you how to polish.  They point out anything that is wrong or doesn't work.   They help you to pump up the good things and quietly take away the clunky.

I compare it to a woman putting on some make-up.   A woman's face may be attractive without artifice but when you smooth out the complexion with a little foundation, enhance the eyes with a bit of color, pink the cheeks with some blush, and brighten the lips with lipstick, the effect is enhanced.    It remains your face but the best features are brought forward.

Right now, I have those last few edits for Love Tattoo.   I also got my cover art and blurb sheets for Long Live The King which now has a release date set for May 2012.   I just finished a guest blog post and sometime over the next day or so, I need to hammer out my local column for the newspaper.

Meanwhile, I'm deep into a sequel for Love Tattoo.

I am also judging tonight and tomorrow at the annual high school speech and debate tournament.    And, in addition to that, my twin daughters mark their fifteenth birthday on Monday which means cake and gifts on Sunday afternoon.

It may be busy and hectic at times but like the character Nancy sings in the musical Oliver!, it's a fine life!

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughters!

    I think some people believe their work is perfect as is and that an editor will destroy it. I recently read a book that wasn’t edited. Although the author might think her book was perfect, in all actuality it was riddled with spelling, grammar, and content mistakes. Even if future books by this author will be edited, I will not read anything this person puts out as that one book turned me off so much. So ultimately, it’s in the author’s best interest to let the editor do their job.


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