Friday, February 11, 2011

The Devil In The Details or It's Not Always Beer And Skittles

Contrary to popular perception by those who are not writers, the writing life is not alwasy beer and skittles.

While it has many positive aspects and I love what I do, there are often the small details that would drive one to either drink or distraction.

Today is such a day.   I will be editing today, not just your garden variety edits but nit-picking  close attention to small details for a piece that is not yet under contract.   The interest is there and I happen to be rather fond of this particular novella so I will bother with it.   Seems that in my zeal, some of the dialogue quotes were not done quite right so I will go over the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb to make them all correct.  That will all be with the hope that after said corrections are made, the publisher will still be interested.   We shall see!

It's not that I mind doing it but it is tedious, painstaking work and with yet another snow day from school for my kiddies, concentration comes at a high premium.   Today marks the ninth straight day out of school due to the whims and whiles of Mother Nature, the 13th since January 1st.  

Add to that the fact that I need to sit down and pay some bills and other such sundry tasks and I have a busy day with attention to details, hence the idea that the devil is in the details.

By the end of the day, beer or some such other beverage will be in order, I believe but for now, it's off to the salt mines of details and doings.

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