Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzards And Snow Make Me Think Summer Heat

I think most everyone would agree that this has been a cold and miserable winter.  The persimmons that predicted a harsh winter proved correct but I don't like it at all.  Although the Blizzard of 2011 has moved on to other areas, the snow it left behind remains covering the ground and everything else.   More snow is predicted for today and although it's light, even more is forecast for this weekend and into next week.   Since it won't get warm enough to melt the 20 or so inches - not counting the higher drifts - out there, it will be awhile until things look winter normal again.

Maybe that is why I have found myself writing about warm places like Las Vegas and Memphis this winter....dreaming of heat.

From my upcoming novel LOVE TATTOO to be released in April, here is an unedited paragraph to tease.....

Memphis, however, is the succulent taste of tender barbecue, lean meats smoked to damn near perfect and served with cool slaw to take some of the heat out of the spicy sauces.   Sip a Walk Me Down cocktail on the side and it is heaven on the tongue, no trouble for the tummy.  If Memphis shows personality, it’s zany and a little crazy but solid underneath like a good friend, someone who can party with you but is there when you need support or a good word.   Memphis is more like that eccentric aunt that you love to see at Christmas, the one who slipped some vodka into your Coca-Cola when you were too young to drink and gave you Shalimar perfume instead of Avon’s Sweet Honesty

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