Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Busy Day Ahead

You know when you approach a work area on the highway or on the street, there is a big yellow and black sign that announces ROAD WORK AHEAD.  That warns that traffic will be bottlenecked and busy.

I think I need a sign like that for my life.

Yesterday was a very good but busy day.  After I packed the kids off to school, I met another writer for coffee and did what I could to share some of what I've learned along the way.

Then after a few hours at home finishing up my final edits for LOVE TATTOO, I was off to the local speech and debate tournament to judge.  I arrived at about three and it was almost nine o'clock when I left the school, enriched but exhausted.   Since I had no dinner break, I was starving.

I headed for a favorite local restaurant thinking that they wouldn't be too busy but when I pulled in, they were amazingly busy, as big a crowd as at noon time.    I decided my simple order would take too long so I headed home, sans food.

My husband ventured out to bring me a burger and then we had to wait for my debating daughter, working this tournament because her school is the host, and a late bedtime.

After a wee drink, I fell into bed but it's up this morning early.   Emily has to be dropped off at school.   Since she and her sister celebrate their 15th birthday on Monday, we're celebrating Sunday with a pizza lunch and then cake.   Maybe a few presents may also appear as if by magic.

So I'm off to the nearest big town to buy a cake and maybe a laptop.  After careful consideration and advice, I am going with a Toshiba model.

Then I come home and after a brief respite in which I hope to finish my cover art and blurb sheets for LONG LIVE THE KING, it's back to school for another round of judging.

Oh, well, I'd rather be busy than bored!!!!

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