Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Waiting Game

Patience is a virtue I have not quite been able to perfect.   Patience, however, is what I need.

With snow on the ground and artic temperatures, there is no school again today so my three kids are home.  School released early on Monday and this is the second full day.   Since most of my writing is done while they are away and the house is quiet, their presence distracts me from my work.

But I love having them here, too.

I am waiting for my first round of edits for my next-to-be-released novel, KINFOLK from Champagne Press.  KINFOLK will be out in July and I'm expecting to start edits after the first of the year.  Since that time is here, I'm waiting but not very patiently.   I want to get started, to find out what need to be done, and bury myself back into that book.

Then I will wait to start the edits on LOVE NEVER FAILS and A TIME TO LOVE.

I am waiting to hear if a particular publisher is interested in my novella, LONG LIVE THE KING.  (And yes the King is Elvis)

I am waiting to hear about other submissions, both short and long.

I wait to see how WOLFE'S LADY sells in the long-term.   I am waiting to see who else reviews it and where and waiting to hear what they say.

In the meantime, because I tend to get a little crazy without having a major writing project before me, I'm working on something new.

I'm waiting to see how it develops.  So far, so good.

I am waiting for my two upcoming radio interviews on the 20th and the 31st.

I am waiting for the day when my writing brings in enough money that my family can have a more solid financial footing.

In the short term, I am waiting for my husband's pay day tomorrow.

I am waiting for the snow to melt so that I can get to the store.

I am waiting for spring and warmer temperatures and growing green things and blooming flowers.

I'm waiting - but it chafes me to wait!

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