Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow: A Four Letter Word

As a major winter storm bears down on my home state and those surrounding it, we are preparing to deal with a foot or more of snow along with some ice and sleet.  Any or all combinations could lead to a power outage but I am remaining hopeful that we can avoid that.  Four years ago, in January, the area experienced a major ice storm that left many - including my family - without power for weeks and wreaked havoc on everything.    That experience is too fresh in our collective minds to want to experience again in a lifetime, let alone this soon.

Before the snow hits, however, I have things to do.  First, I'm off to the post office to mail my contract for my latest book sale.  Evernight Publishing, the same great small press that published WOLFE'S LADY, has accepted LOVE TATTOO for a prospective April 2011 release.

It may be a little early yet for teasers from this upcoming book but think Memphis by night, think incredibly sexy dark and mysterious Will Brennan and enchanting Texas gal Cara Riley!

After school, I have to pick up Meg to get her vaccinations caught up by request of the local high school.

Then, I have a radio appearance  - details below:

Join Bethany Halle, aka Cassandre Dayne, for her first new radio show on Monday January 31st at 6:00 pm EST highlighting writers, cover artists and publishers who create and help make the delicious world of the erotic romance sizzling! On the first show guests include several fabulous writers from Rebel Ink Press, one of the hottest new e-publishers providing romance of all genres. Included as guests will be Beth Ann Buehler, author of the upcoming Spellbound Hearts; Christopher Craven, author of several m/m publishing works including the upcoming An Executive Affair and the talent behind the Rebel Ink Covers; Dyanna Ashe, author of the upcoming Cupid's Desire; JL Oiler, author of the upcoming Kinship Trinity; Lila Munro, multi-publisher author including the critically acclaimed Lower Slower Love and the lady behind all the PR work; and a new member to the Rebel family, Lee Ann Sontheimer, author of the upcoming Love Never Fails. Come enjoy the two round table discussions where we will discuss the industry, tricks and tips for marketing, writing do's and don'ts and thoughts on just how hot the industry truly is! We'll also find how they get their ideas and what's in the works for the future. We may even have a little bit of saucy reading! Are you ready to kick up the romantic heat and dare to take the plunge??
LOVE NEVER FAILS should be out from Rebel Ink Press in September and it's a contemporary romance.
Tune in, give me a listen, and tell me what you think!

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