Sunday, January 23, 2011

Into Every Life A Little Rain Must Fall....

There is an old saying that into every life some rain must fall and I've lived long enough to understand, if not accept this.  In the life of a writer, however, into every life, some rejection must fall and will.

Now I am not a novice writer.  I've been writing and selling short fiction for well, a very long time now.  My work has appeared in nine different antholgies and last month, in December 2010, my first novel, WOLFE"S LADY, debuted from Evernight Publishing.   That is still exciting but even better is the certain knowledge that three more of my novels will come out in 2011.  These are the ones I have contracts with two other publishers and it's definite.

Of course, I'm still writing, still submitting, both long and short fiction.  I still have other works out there in the wide world.  I have one just sent to Evernight that I'm crossing fingers and toes about.

Yesterday evening, however, we hit abrupt reality check when another publisher - not any of the three I am currently with (Evernight Publishing, Champagne Books, and Rebel Ink Press) rejected my novella, "The Marriage Cure".   I am thick skinned enough that I handle rejection most of the time.  It is part and parcel of the writing life but this one rankled.  It isn't because I wanted to join this publishers authors or that they are that impressive.   It's because that the tone of the rejection letter veered far more into the subjective and into personal taste than anything else.   The assumption that I might be a newbie was something I found annoying, to say the least.

After a few rants to my husband, however, I put it out of my mind but this morning, I am just reminded that rejection exists for all writers at every level.

In more upbeat news, I am opening up my blog to guest authors and I am delighted to announce that my first guest will be Angelina Rain, a debut author whose short fiction, "THe Problem With Love Spells" will appear in February in Evernight's INDECENT ENCOUNTERS anthology.   I will post my interview with her here on February 15 so that is a date to put on the calendar!

Now, on to my daily work of writing!

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  1. It is heartening to hear that there are valleys to go with our mountaintops. I have just begun writing, but have not submitted anything yet. Quite inspirational!


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