Monday, January 24, 2011

Beyond Love.....

My books, the one currently available, and those that will come out later this year (2011) all deal with romance.  Paranormal romance, time travel romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, all different flavors of romance.

My short stories, though, are often a very different animal.

When I write short fiction, somehow, my muses often turn toward the speculative, toward the ghostly and on occasion the ghoulish.   Sometimes there is indeed an element of love - as those who read my story "Forty Eight Hours A Year" when the JACK-O-SPEC anthology comes out in late 2011 or those who read "A Silent Supper" in the MOUNTAIN MAGIC:SPELL BINDING TALES OF APPALACHIA last October can see.

Sometimes, however, there is not.

Chalk that up to my lifelong fascination with things paranormal, an interest that allow shows up in my paranormal romance as well.

Writers are often versatile and I suppose I am no exception.

And romance fans, rest easy - I do write some romantic short fiction and erotic short fiction too!

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