Monday, August 23, 2010

Writing and Living

With the exciting news that my novel "Kinfolk" will become my first published novel next July, I still can't pause or take time out to rest. A writer's life is nothing like the ideal version that many people think we live, it's a hectic pace and it's a job like any other.

Now that my three kids - twin high school freshmen and a fourth grader - are back in the classroom, I hope that my days will yield a little more output. The house is quieter, anyway!

In other writing news, I am pleased to announce that the anthology from Woodland Press, "Mountain Magic: Spell Binding Tales of Appalachia" with my story, "A Silent Supper" will debut on October 9, 2010. I am happy to be part of this anthology, my byline there with many other folks, some of which have far greater and numerous writing credits that I do. It will be available on Amazon, on both Wal-Mart and Target websites, and many other places.

I have sent a partial of my first Christian romantic suspense novel, "Miss Good Samaritan" to an agent and have some other queries out on it as well. I am also still waiting for word on "Not Death, But Love" and I am waiting for Dorchester to let me know whether or not they are interested in "A Time For Love", a time travel romance. My novella, "Wolfe's Lady" is off at Harlequin Nocture Bites and my fingers are crossed on that one.

Meanwhile, I have a new WIP and I'm racking up fair enough word counts on it.

Of course, as a wife and mom, I also have the usual mundane chores, something I need to take a little time to do this morning, clean-up after the weekend with everyone home!

Happy writing - and reading!!!

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